For all those who have attend the New York Pest Expo in years past you know we have an incredible collection of minds that share their expertise. This year will be no different. Please, meet this year’s speakers!

Jeff McGovern Bug Off Pest Control Center NYPestExpoJeff McGovernAdding Layers for Successful Pest Management

The most successful way to address pest infestations is by using a layered approach. To rely solely on one method or to skimp on preparation work opens the door for failure.

Jeff McGovern has 40 years experience in pest management . A frequent speaker at the Purdue Conference, he has an excellent reputation for providing clear and engaging presentations. He has collaborated with USDA scientists and researchers in the areas of pest control, sanitation and food handling. He has authored a number of articles on pest control and currently writes the “Fact vs. Fiction” column for PMP Magazine. This is his second appearance as a speaker at the New York Pest Expo.

Norm CooperNorm CooperLessons Learned from a Lifetime in Pest Management 

Be regaled with lively anecdotes and case studies by this legendary figure. A once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn valuable life lessons from this venerable Hall of Famer.

Norman Cooper was president of the largest pest control company in the New York area for more than 25 years. Since his “retirement” he has given presentations regarding the business of pest control throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America as well as at more than 30 state and regional organizations. His articles and presentations have been translated into ten languages. He has served as president of the National Pest Management Association and has been inducted into the Pest Control Hall of Fame. Norman is a consultant for acquisitions to the world’s largest pest management companies, private equity groups and investment banking firms. Cooper has consulted on more than 50 pest management acquisitions over the past few years. Trade magazines have referred to him as “the Deal Maker” and “the go-to-guy when buying or selling a pest management business.” This is Norm’s first appearance as a speaker at the New York Pest Expo.

Dr. Bill Robinson Bug Off Pest Control Center New York Pest ExpoDr. Bill Robinson, B&G Equipment: Come Fly With Me – Flies and Their Control 

An introduction to the order diptera. Their public health significance. Control methods in residences and food establishments.

Dr. Bill Robinson is the Technical Director of B&G Equipment Company. He has served as a Professor and Director of the Urban Pest Control Research Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. He is also a Visiting Professor at Zhejiang University, China. Dr. Robinson is the author of over 200 papers in scientific and trade journals in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His most recent book Service Technician’s Field Manual, was published in 2011.

Dean StanbridgeDean Stanbridge, Direct Line Sales: Protecting Hand-Held Devices from Cyber-Threats 

A look at current threats and solutions to protect your mobile devices from identity theft and cyber-invasion and Stored Product Pests – A Great Source of Revenue 

Identifying and controlling pantry/fabric pests. Adding this service to your residential and commercial accounts can lead to a new source of growth for your company. 

A  Graduate of Fleming College’s, Environmental Pest Management Program, Dean is currently V.P. & Technical Director for Direct Line Sales Corp., a leading supplier of pest management products in Canada.  He also owns Professional Pest Consultants, an industry pest management consulting firm. From 1987-2008 he was the Vice President and Technical Director for The Steritech Group Corp, Milton Ontario, Canada. He has lectured at 75 symposiums and authored 70 papers/articles. He is the “New Technology” columnist for Pest Management Professional magazine. He also authored the Fumigation Chapter for the 10th Edition of The Mallis Handbook. His research work has earned contracts with UNIDO, UNEP, and Environment Canada. He has received several worldwide awards for his work on reducing the impact on the ozone layer. He is a past member of the Pest Management Advisory Committee (PMAC) for Health Canada as an advisor to the Canadian Minister of Health on pesticide issues.

Louis Sorkin BUg Off Pest Control Center New York Pest ExpoLouis Sorkin, BCE, Entsult Associates, Inc.Emerging Pests – What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

Learn how to differentiate pests from non-pest species and get acquainted with beneficial species. 

Lou Sorkin, a Board Certified Entomologist, began his career at the American Museum of Natural History in 1978. He has been the treasurer for the New York Entomological Society for more than 25 years and is the founder of Entsult Associates, Inc., an entomology consulting company. A popular lecturer on medical, veterinary, and forensic entomology, Mr. Sorkin has appeared on a number of television, radio and internet interviews, he has also been a featured speaker at the New York Pest Expo for the last six years. Mr. Sorkin is one of the nation’s leading figures in the study of bed bug behavior and biology. He has co-authored many papers and abstracts dealing with spiders, flies, mites and ticks, and has a special interest in the use of insects as food, a discipline called entomophagy.

Joe BarileJoe Barile, BCE, Bayer Environmental Science: Roaches – New Approaches to Dealing With an Old Nemesis

A fresh look at roach control with an emphasis on baiting tips and techniques. A review of the best performing formulations. Mastering the latest research on overcoming resistance and aversion.

Joe Barile is the Technical Service Lead for Bayer Environmental Science’s Professional Products Division. His responsibilities include providing technical and training support to the internal BES staff and externally to Pest Management Professionals and public vector control agencies in the United States and Canada.  Mr. Barile holds a degree in Entomology from the University of Massachusetts. He has been involved in urban and public health pest management since 1979 holding positions with major IPM product manufacturers, in public mosquito control, as a university extension entomologist, as a pest control technician and as the technical director of a multi-branch pest control firm. Mr. Barile is a member of the Entomological Society of America, is a Board Certified Entomologist, and a member of the American Mosquito Control Association. We are pleased to have Joe present once again at the New York Pest Expo.

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