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The Complete PMP Course



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Buy 2 pails of First Strike 16lb

First Strike Bait (more…)

Flash the Patch Specials 

Expo Patch

 If you attended the 2013 New York Pest Expo, you received this special patch good for exclusive offers throughout 2014. Present your patch at the time of purchase and take advantage of the following additional offers:

(If you did not attend the 2013 New York Pest Expo, or if you discarded your patch, kindly disregard the following offers).

Temprid RS
$129.00 per case
Through 3/31/14

Eaton’s Kill Bed Bugs Plus
$35.00 per case
While supplies last


New Products

 Eco Via EC



Epic Cat Repellent

Nectar Fly Machine

B&G Holster


Bug Off Red Training LogoThe Complete PMP Course

14-Hour course presented in 2 sessions.

Prepare for the 7A, 7F and Category 8 exams.

Recertification credits for Core 7A, 7F and 8.

Eligibility course for license upgrade.

A great preparatory course for the ACE Exam!