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Jeff McGovern Bug Off Pest Control Center NYPestExpoJeff has become a popular speaker at the annual New York Pest Expo. And for good reason – if you’ve missed any of his talks you’ve missed some of the most entertaining, animated and informative presentations anywhere.

This year Jeff helped us understand how building with layers of service and processes will result in successful pest management. The primary processes every PCO has in their arsenal are: heat, cold, fumigation, chemical, non-chemical and mechanical.


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Jeff McGovern Bug Off Pest Control Center NYPestExpo


Dr. Bill Robinson speaking PE 1We had yet another great presentation from Dr. Bill Robinson at this year’s New York Pest Expo.  His presentation focused on fly biology and habits.

Dr. Robinson reminded us of the importance of fly management in both residential and commercial accounts. Flies carry microorganisms that cause disease and can become a public health problem. Control often requires the expertise of a pest control operator.


Norm Speaking PEWe had a great presentation from our friend Norm Cooper at this year’s New York Pest Expo. Norm shared some life lessons he has learned in his many years of running one of the largest pest control companies in the New York area.

Each of us has a unique quality that makes us different from others. When it comes to selling your services, Norm feels strongly you should be selling your uniqueness. Why are you different? What sets you apart? Once you understand this and how to use it to your advantage you won’t have to sell price. You deserve the business. Keep in mind that when it comes to customer management be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses. You can’t be all things to all people.