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So, now you know what bed bugs look like, how you may have gotten them, and how to control them. Next we want to share with you how to treat an infestation and avoid any future ones. Please enjoy this next post in our series Invasion of the Body Snackers – Bed bugs are back supporting Dr. Ballards presentation at Bug Off Pest Control Center’s 2010 New York Pest Expo


PCO Business owners are looking for ways to grow their business more quickly with fresh ideas that will increase their top and bottom lines.  As part of Bug Off Pest Control Center’s Business Leadership Workshop series, attendees will spend an evening with Daniel S. Gordon, CPA, the General Partner and founder of PCO Bookkeepers. Dan is an industry veteran who brings over 20 years of experience in accounting, operations and managing high-growth pest control companies.  He has personally been involved with building pest control companies that are worth millions.

The meeting agenda includes discussions on pricing services for profit, developing effective and profitable route management, Profit and Loss Statement analysis and measuring return on marketing efforts.


At Bug Off Pest Control Center’s 2010 New York Pest Expo Dr. Ballard reviewed the advances in bed bug controls from thermal techniques to insecticides, to detection tools. In part 4 of our series we will provide a detailed approach to controlling bed bugs.


The control of bed bugs is a challenge even for the most experienced and talented pest control professional.  It requires thorough inspections and meticulous applications and even so, retreats are common.  Treatment options are not as wide as those for roaches or ants and the need for customer cooperation is greater.  The major reason for bed bug retreats is poor customer preparation.  The client must assist in allowing access to all areas, removing clutter, laundering bedding and clothing and in some cases, disposing of contaminated items.