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I came across a great article from PCT Magazine’s June 2006 publication, Your Guide To Mystery Bites, written by our friend and recent Hall of Famer Dr. Michael Potter.  Believe it or not spring is on it’s way and we thought you would find this article very interesting. Call it an oldie but a goodie!


2012 nype jeff mc governJeff opened and closed the 2012 New York Pest Expo with two excellent presentations, the whole time never changing out of the Body Guard Suit. Looking good, Jeff!

Jeff’s closing presentation, The Art and Craft of Expert Bed Bug Control focused on the importance of the PMP’s role as a craftsman.  Professionals need to be educated, well trained, focused and properly armed.  Due diligence is required to succeed in pest management in general, and bed bug control in particular.


Bug Off Pest Control Center


 Pest Control and the Protection of Food and Public Health

This 12-Hour course will be presented in 2 sessions. Prepare for the 7A, 7F and category 8 exams.  Recertification credits for 7A, 7F and 8. Eligibility course for license upgrade.

Session 1 will cover IPM Principles
Arthropod Pests: Identification, Biology, Habits,
Roaches, Stored Product Pests, Blood Feeders, Stinging Insects, Flies

Session 2 will cover Pest Management Guidelines:
Principles and Practices
Proper Practices in Food Establishments


the following article is from Pest Management Professional, December 2012

NY Pest Expo 12'If there’s one city that can be described as resilient, New York is it. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy’s aggressive swipe of Northeast and Midwest, Manhattan defied expectations with its ability to bounce back in unbelievable time. The same canNYExpo 2012 be said of Bug Of Pest Control’s New York Pest Expo, which held its 10th Edition, Nov. 8, 2012. The weatherproof event attracted attendees from across the U.S. with an impressive roster of speakers for a one-day event. Plenty of exhibitors, including major pest management industry manufacturers and business support providers, also were on hand to showcase their products. Event organizer and Bug Of owner, Andy Linares, was able to pack training sessions, exhibits, networking opportunities and the chance to connect with NYC metropolitan-area professionals into one day, under one roof at the Armory in Manhattan: (more…)

2012 nype roperDr. Roper is a Senior Technical Representative for Syngenta. This was Dr. Roper’s first presentation at the New York Pest Expo.

Ants are fascinating creatures. The ant colony they form can be thought of as a society. There’s no centralized leadership, although there is a hierarchical structure and division of labor. They modify and exploit their environment to fit their food and shelter needs.