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2012 nype stuart mitchellWe were honored to have Dr. Stuart Mitchell, of PestWest Environmental, speak at the 10th edition of the New York Pest Expo. This was his first time presenting and we’re sure it won’t be his last.

Dr. Mitchell is a Doctor many times over. He is a physician as well as a Board Certified Entomologist who has written many articles and offered many presentations for the pest control industry. He brings a unique perspective when discussing pests and their effects on human health. (more…)

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Last week we shared a great article here on The Center, Humane Urban Wildlife Management: What Does it Really Mean? As a follow up we thought it would be great to share our post Adding Wildlife Control to Your Existing Business as a follow up. This post was a recap of Alan Huot’s presentation at the 2012 New Pest Expo. This years Expo is sure to impress as well.


We had another outstanding presentation from Lou Sorkin at the 10th edition of the New York Pest Expo. He was generous enough to share with us his knowledge and experience with spiders.

Louis Sorkin BUg Off Pest Control Center New York Pest ExpoTo start, Lou passed around a shed spider skin for everyone to observe. It was fully intact and looked like a live spider. This was just a teaser to introduce the audience to the anatomy of the spider.

Spiders have only two body segments instead of three: a fused head and thorax (cephalothorax) and an abdomen. They have 8 legs and usually 8 eyes. They grab their food with the chelicerae. Some chelicerae are hollow and contain venom glands. They use these glands to inject venom into their prey. In the abdomen there are spinnerets. They produce the silk that spiders spin into a web and trap their prey.