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Once again, we were proud and honored to have Dr. Bobby Corrigan, RMC Consulting, speak at this year’s New York Pest Expo. Each year we learn something new from Bobby. This year he presented Understanding Rodent Behavior: The Key to Great Rodent IPM. PMPs must understand the top rodent behaviors and how to use those behaviors against them. We can use as many chemicals as allowed but unless we understand rodent behavior we may not achieve optimum control.

First, understand where the rodent likes to nest. Mice prefer warm areas in furniture and boxes near food. Rats need bigger spaces and indoors, concrete hollow block walls (CHB) can become virtual rodent condos.



For those who attended this year’s New York Pest Expo, 11-11-11 turned into a lucky day. We had some of the industry’s best speakers sharing their knowledge regarding topics that are critical to every PCO. These gentlemen covered a lot of material. Since some attendees may not have had the ability to keep track of everything, we took notes and are sharing the details with everyone (even those who couldn’t make it).

Our first speaker of the day was Dean Stanbridge, Direct Line Sales. Dean’s presentation was on Small Fly Management. The objective was to learn how to inspect, monitor and treat these bothersome pests while improving your bottom line.


11-11-11 was all we expected and more.  We had a great turnout and all the speakers and exhibitors were outstanding and informative.  We had a “rat – roaring time”: H2 Environmental brought along “Mr. Ratso Beat” while Ultra Safe brought their mascot “Cimen” all the way from Boston for a dance-off.  Those characters can boogy.

Our exhibitors and speakers arrived early to set up only to find a huge line of attendees already forming! They were blown away by the energy of the close to 600 pest control professionals in attendance.


Where are you going to find the largest, most intense collection of Pest Industry Speakers in one place? You guessed right if you said the 2011 New York Pest Expo! There is nothing else like it.

This year the New York Pest Expo is welcoming Paul Bello of PJB Pest Managing Consulting.

Paul will present “Bed Bug Update: Technologies and Techniques.” Learn about the latest bed bug management techniques. A review of emerging bed bug control tools: Practical tips and tricks.


You asked and you shall receive! Receive great information and build the relationships that will help you be a better pest control expert! But you can only achieve this if you are attending the 2011 New York Pest Expo on 11-11-11. This year we are outdoing ourselves. We will have a showroom packed with a huge variety of exhibitors and informative speakers!