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Following are a couple of excerpts from Dr. Austin Frishman and Paul Bello’s soon to be published Cockroach Combat Manual II. They shared these experiences and others in the July 2013 Pest Management Professional Magazine. Two of their stories are published below but we encourage you to read the others in the original article

The events you will read about are true.  We witnessed them and share them with you for your benefit. But the primary purpose of relating these stories isn’t to be sensationalistic. It’s to stress to pest management professionals (PMPs) what might happen if people in our profession didn’t exist.  It emphasizes how horrible a cockroach situation can become and the incredible horror humans must — or mistakenly think they must — endure daily in their homes. It underscores how important our work can be to others who depend on us. With current technology, there’s no excuse. Although it’s not a shame to have cockroaches, it’s a sin to persist with them. Never let this happen with your customers. Do what you can to correct it wherever it exists. Do your best.



There’s a lot to consider before inspecting a commercial account, particularly if it’s a food warehouse.  Some areas are more vulnerable than others and certain aspects can make a difference in identifying pest infestations and their causes. When we read this article by Austin M. Frishman, Pinpointing pests at commercial accounts, published by Pest Management Professional, June 2013,  we found it very informative and thought you would too. Please let us know if you have any helpful advise to add to the list on Facebook, G+, or Twitter


We want to thank Dr. Stuart Mitchell, BCE for presenting our last Special Event at our training facility, The Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) Preparatory Course and for preparing this article that was recently posted in the Certified Entomologist blog

On one the hottest days of the summer; at one of the top training facilities in the northeastern U.S., thirty seasoned and “combat-hardened” pest management professionals ((PMPs) assembled for a challenging, yet fulfilling, day of intense review training.