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PCOs are looking for ways to grow their businesses with fresh ideas that will increase their top and bottom lines. Lately, we are seeing a greater demand for wildlife management, even in urban areas like New York City. In many respects it is an ideal add-on to existing pest control operations.


The following is a great article from PCT Magazine.  Some of our readers are starting their pest control business while others are wanting to grow their business to be the best it can be. After reading this article, written by Edward D. Hess, we wanted to share it here on our blog to inspire everyone.

Guest post for Bug Off Pest Control Center provided by Douglas Stern, Managing Partner of Stern Environmental Group in Secaucus, New Jersey

Nothing can be worse than taking off for a fun weekend get-away or a family vacation and returning home with some unwanted souvenirs.  Hotels and motels are one of the easiest places that you can pick up bed bugs.  Bed bugs can strike both upscale and budget priced hotels and motels.  One hotel guest recently had a run in with these blood thirsty pests at one of the most expensive hotels in New York City.


Please note: We recently read this article on and would like to share it with you all in case you missed it.

[Application Economics] Controlling Over Application

Features – InsecticidesToo often, insecticides are mixed by the gallon and wasted by the ounce. Here’s how to control economics by reducing the over application of a variety of products.
William H Robinson | January 31, 2012 |

Editor’s note: The following article was excerpted from The Service Technician’s Field Manual. See the article in the sidebar for information about this new book.
In professional pest control, emphasis is usually placed on the technology of killing pests, while the cost, or economics, of the process is often overlooked. However, designed into every application tool and insecticide is the concept of application economics. This concept considers how much insecticide is being applied, and how well the application tool works in terms of amount and cost. Application technology covers the control effectiveness of treatment, while application economics covers the cost effectiveness of it — both are important.


I want to share an article with you I received towards the end of 2011 from my friend, Mike Hannigan at Ford Financial.  I know sometimes things get tough and the future doesn’t always look so bright. After reading this you may find things are better than they seem.  I hope this message reminds you all that there is always something to brighten your day. Here you go…

Earlier this week, I received US Trust’s August Issue of Investment Strategy Overview.  In it is an article titled “Revisiting What’s Right With America”.  It is a great article and it lists 10 factors that make the USA an economic powerhouse.  Below is a summary:

Revisiting What’s Right With America