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Here is the final introduction to 2012 New York Expo exhibitors. As you can see, this is going to be the best New York Pest Expo yet! Have you registered? Will you be there? You only have 1 week left for early registration. So if you haven’t already registered, you may want to now!


Bayer is an inventor company with a long tradition of research. By applying science to the major global challenges, we deliver innovations that address unmet customer and market needs.


The Cryonite System is both an apparatus / unit and a method. The unit is made so as to allow the operator to carry out effective treatments, considering the specifics of the method. The Cryonite method is based on an extremely fast cooling of insects to a very low temperature, freezing them with carbon dioxide snow. The Cryonite snow has an exceptional cooling capability – the Cryonite effect.


The 2012 New York Pest Expo is going to be HUGE! This is a show not to be missed. Here are more exhibitors attendees can look forward to seeing. We are still adding more exhibitors so please remember to check back. If you haven’t registered already you can do so online here.

Noble Pine Products Co.

Unlike any other product available in the US and the world Sterifab kills: Lice, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks and Dust Mites, Bacteria, Fungus, Mold, Mildew, Viruses and Deoderizes.  Dries in 15-20 minutes and leaves no residue. Used as is…No dilution required.

PBC/Weisburger Insurance

Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC) is the wholesale subsidiary of HUB International Group Northeast Inc. A powerful market resource for brokers and agents, we are also a partner for carriers reaching out to the commercial insurance buyer in innovative, cost-effective ways. We’ve pioneered in Purchasing Group Insurance buying, an approach that hasnow won popular acclaim.

PCO Bookkeepers
An accounting and business advisory firm obsessed with providing pest control companies’ information they need to prosper in today’s competitive business environment.

Pest Barrier

Bringing green, innovative, revolutionary solutions to the pest management industry.


Here is a fascinating article written by Dr. Stuart Mitchell and published in the 14th issue of the PestWest 411 Newsletter. Hope you enjoy learning how the Florida Fly Baiter came to be. 

Through inspiration to perspiration researchers Dr. Phillip Koehler, Dr. Roberto Pereira, Dr. Joseph Diclaro, and Jeff Hertz (Diclaro and Hertz are in the Navy) worked to develop the Florida Fly Baiter (FFB).

Through collaboration FFB research was funded by the Department of Defense Deployed War-Fighter Protection Program, which seeks to better protect troops from insect-borne diseases. Military personnel well-know the need for effective fly control. The FFB was further developed, and is now available through, the Killgerm Group and its PestWest subsidiary.


The introduction to the 2012 New York Pest Expo exhibitors continues! We are so excited. This list is still growing. To be sure you don’t miss this opportunity register soon. Early registration ends November 3rd. Believe it or not, that’s right around the corner.

Ecologic Solution

The innovative eco-friendly pest control, pest management system for rodents. Ecologica has been designed for pest control operators and situations where self-managed rodent control is critical. It captures rats and mice continuously!


Now You See Them, Now You Don’t is a great article that was first published in the PestWest 411 newsletter, issue 14 and written By Dr. Stuart Mitchell. Again, this a great resource we wanted to share with our followers. If you want to learn more or ask Dr. Mitchell about the article please be sure to come to the New York Pest Expo November 8th. 

Unwanted and unclean, they fly in from filth to food. They can carry up to 6 million external bacteria and 25 million internal bacteria. They can leave 16 to 31 saliva and/or fecal spots in 24 hours.

House flies, Musca domestica, now you see them, now you don’t, but its what they leave behind and what you don’t see! What you don’t see can make your customers sick!


Please pardon this interruption. We know how exciting it is to read about the outstanding speakers who will be at the 2012 New York Pest Expo and all the industry updates. However, our attendees have been asking to hear a little about this years exhibitors.

They come from far and wide and combined, all our exhibitors offer a vast array of products that help make Pest Control Operators successful, efficient and profitable.


The following article, PETS & BED BUGS: Q&A, was published in the PestWest 411 newsletter, issue 14. Again, written by Dr. Stuart Mitchell. Hope you enjoy this informative Q&A 

Bed bugs are now well beyond an emergent concern within the U.S. People now understand that Bed bugs are not only found in poor sanitation environments, but also within upscale homes and hotels. Bed bugs are not discriminating. Bed bugs set up home anywhere there are food sources (people and pets).


The following article, FLY AGGRESSION & HUMAN ANGER By Dr. Stuart Mitchell, is from the PestWest 411 Newsletter, issue #13. We really liked it and thought you will too.

Biologists have begun to research whether flies can get angry. This research is part of a wider-scope study on how animal behavior is genetically related.

Do flies get angry? That is the key question, and possibly illustrates a fly’s repeated and increasingly tenacious return to your food plate after your every attempt to move it away. To study this question, researchers crafted an experiment using Drosophila (Fruit flies).


Join us in welcoming Dr. ElRay Roper, Syngenta. This is Dr. Roper’s first appearance as a speaker at the New York Pest Expo and we are looking forward to his presentation Pest Ants: Easy to Kill – Hard to Control. This presentation will be a review of basic ant biology and colony organization. We will highlight the principal species common to the Northeast United States. We will also explore strategies for their control. (more…)