Mr. FreezeIf you missed our seminar “The Future of Bed Bug Management” you may have not heard about Silvandersson’s Cryonite System. It took center stage and was a big hit among all the attendees. Thanks to Marty Whitford and the team at PMP Magazine for covering the seminar and sharing this article, Mr. Freeze, in its June 2013 publication.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you ice, make Cryonite. Such is the philosophy of Silvandersson, headquartered in Sweden, where temperatures average 44° F. Knäred-based Silvandersson, a longtime leader in glue-based pest management solutions, has lowered the mercury bar to arm pest management professionals (PMPs) with Cryonite, an environmentally friendly solution that freezes bed bugs and other structural pest insects dead in their tracks.

Silvandersson’s carbon dioxide-powered Cryonite took center stage at Bug Off Pest Control Center’s  “The Future of Bed Bug Management” seminar, held in April in New York. More than 40 PMPs attended the event, hosted by Bug Off Pest Control Center’s owner Andy Linares at the company’s recently opened Career Training Center. Event presenters and bed bug management technology demonstrators included:

■ Jeff McGovern — A longtime PMP turned industry consultant, and coauthor, along with his wife Kate, of Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) monthly Fact vs. Fiction print column;
■ Dr. Jeffrey Brown — A Board Certified Entomologist (B.C.E.) and director general of the American Academy of Entomological Sciences (;
■ Henrik Björkqvist — Silvandersson’s Cryonite business development manager; and
■ Linares — Who introduced Cryonite to the U.S. market in 2008 at Bug Off Pest Control Center’s Green Pest Management Summit and inked an agreement with Björkqvist late last year to serve as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Silvandersson’s pest-freezing technology.
Silvandersson’s Cryonite system uses carbon dioxide to create and spray dry ice — at temperatures at or below -108° F — directly onto bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps and stored product pests. Björkqvist said Cryonite knocks down all lifecycles of the pests. The environmentally friendly product can be used almost anywhere, including food establishments, hotels, hospitals and schools, Björkqvist said. PMPs can spray Cryonite directly onto furniture and bedding — even electrical outlets and electronic equipment — without harming assets, Linares added.

Cryonite offers two wand options: The Rifle ($3,900, including shipping) and The Lance (an extendable version that increases PMPs’ reach to 18 in., and costs $5,900). The system comes with a cart, hose, jet nozzle, gloves, goggles and an instructional DVD. The carbon dioxide canister is not included. Two PMPs attending the event said they already purchased Cryonite systems and were considering purchasing additional units. Two other attendees bought their first Cryonite systems after the seminar concluded. “Like any new technology, Cryonite has a learning curve,” said Cesar Soto, CEO of Freedom Pest Control, based in New York’s Bronx borough. “But after a little practice, when you follow step-by-step instructions, Cryonite is a quick, safe, effective tool to control bed bugs.” McGovern and Dr. Brown said they’ve used Cryonite on a number of challenging projects and knocked out bed bugs, cockroaches and wasps. “Cryonite isn’t a silver bullet for bed bugs, but it is a terrifically effective, environmentally friendly tool when in the hands of a properly trained PMP,”  McGovern said. “Effective bed bug management is all about putting layers of increasing pressure on the pest, and Cryonite provides an excellent option for layer two — after vacuuming up the pests — because it delivers a direct, immediate hit.” Dr. Brown agreed: “When combined with an effective, green, safe residual such as a soybean protein treatment,and proper exclusion and monitoring practices, Cryonite can serve a cornerstone to an effective bed bug management program. PMPs can’t completely avoid introduction of bed bugs, but professionals can prevent bed bug infestations.” PMP

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