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pest expo picDid you attend the New York Pest Expo last week? If you did you were a part of one of the best, most well attended events we’ve hosted! It was such an exciting day to come together and learn from leading professionals and some of the industries most informative and innovative exhibitors. The energy was so intense! (more…)

Mr. FreezeIf you missed our seminar “The Future of Bed Bug Management” you may have not heard about Silvandersson’s Cryonite System. It took center stage and was a big hit among all the attendees. Thanks to Marty Whitford and the team at PMP Magazine for covering the seminar and sharing this article, Mr. Freeze, in its June 2013 publication.


Here’s a great article from PCT Magazine written by our friend Jeff McGovern and his wife Kate, as well as, Dr. Jeffrey Brown. Jeff McGovern will be presenting the bed bug talk at the 10th edition of the New York Pest Expo on November 8th!

Let’s face it: Bed bugs may be getting the headlines, but in the background roaches are staging a comeback. We have sprayed, fogged, bombed, baited, trapped, heated, fumigated — and still we fight this difficult pest. As roaches have become resistant to current toxicants and government and public pressure for less toxic chemicals increases, we appear poised to lose the battle. Heat treatments are fine, in some places, but usually require evacuation and aren’t always the best answer for the client. Now we have another tool in our pest control toolbox — Cryonite. So just what is Cryonite and how can it improve your roach accounts? Let me show you how Cryonite (new school) in conjunction with spatial/forced monitoring (old school) creates a chemical-free, effective program that can be used anywhere, anytime.