the following article is from Pest Management Professional, December 2012

NY Pest Expo 12'If there’s one city that can be described as resilient, New York is it. In the wake of Superstorm Sandy’s aggressive swipe of Northeast and Midwest, Manhattan defied expectations with its ability to bounce back in unbelievable time. The same canNYExpo 2012 be said of Bug Of Pest Control’s New York Pest Expo, which held its 10th Edition, Nov. 8, 2012. The weatherproof event attracted attendees from across the U.S. with an impressive roster of speakers for a one-day event. Plenty of exhibitors, including major pest management industry manufacturers and business support providers, also were on hand to showcase their products. Event organizer and Bug Of owner, Andy Linares, was able to pack training sessions, exhibits, networking opportunities and the chance to connect with NYC metropolitan-area professionals into one day, under one roof at the Armory in Manhattan:

■ Guest speaker, Jeff McGovern, author of Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) Fact vs. Fiction column (page 54), delivered two presentations, one about the evolution of modern pest management and another covering the “art and craft” of bed bug control.

Dr. Bill Robinson, technical director for B&G Equipment, discussed avoiding waste and the under- and overapplication of pesticides.

Louis Sorkin, Board Certiied Entomologist (BCE), offered an introduction to arachnids that covered identification, behavior and biology.

Alan Huot, Certified Wildlife Control Professional (CWCP) and a founding member of the National Animal Control Association, provided information about how to add wildlife control to an existing pest management business.

Dr. ElRay Roper, senior technical representative with Syngenta, focused on pest ants in a presentation that highlighted the principal species common to the northeast U.S.

Dr. Stuart Mitchell, principal technical specialist for PestWest Environmental and author of our “Most Wanted” series (page 40)—a PMP reader favorite — spent time breaking down the order Diptera in a presentation focusing on lying insect control and its related public health significance.

“The Expo has become the most important one-day event in pest management,” Linares says. “It continues to grow in influence and scope.” PMP

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