This Just In

Green Gorilla ProLine 1.5 Vi Sprayer. 1.5-gallon polymer sprayer uses lithium ion rechargeable battery to eliminate the need for hand  pumping. Offers a full day of spraying on a single charge. Constant pressure is controlled automatically. Offers significant reduction in pesticide use.


Super-heated steamer designed for pest elimination. Steam is compressed and re-heated. High heat and low moisture offers optimum results. Comes with 2 bottles of HPMed disinfectant, 2 extensions, protective gloves, cleaning brush, funnel, 2 vials of Kalstop and complete instructions.


Vendetta Nitro. Unique roach gel combines 2 modes of action: clothianidin adulticide along with pyriproxyfen growth regulator. Labeled for American, German and Brown-banded roaches. For food and non-food areas.


New Promos

Xcluder 10’ – $2.00 off per roll. Through 11/30/17


Vendetta Nitro – $2.00 off per box/$10.00 off per case. Through 11/30/17


Omega Green Supreme Vac – @ $250.00. While supplies last


Bug Sucker Vac – @ $150.00. While supplies last.


Mini DB Fogger @ $950.00. While supplies last.


Versafogger @ $750.00. While supplies last.


Optical Gel @ $65.00 per box/24. While supplies last.

EcoRaider Pint @ $15.00. While supplies last.


Wohler Borescope @ $130.00. While supplies last.


PAS System – @ $550.00. While supplies last.


Apex Steamer – @ $690.00. While supplies last.


B&G 2600 Flex-A-Lite Fogger – @ $280.00. While supplies last.


B&G Versafoamer – @ $470.00. While supplies last.

Existing Promos

Euro Mouse Stations. Buy 4 boxes of 25, get an extra box of 25 free. Through 12/31/17

Brigand Soft Bait 18 lb. $9.00 off per pail. Through 11/30/17

CB80 Extra. @ $1.00 off per can/$12.00 off per case. Through 11/30/17

Transport Mikron. $3.00 off per quart. Through 11/30/17

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