Please pardon this interruption. We know how exciting it is to read about the outstanding speakers who will be at the 2012 New York Pest Expo and all the industry updates. However, our attendees have been asking to hear a little about this years exhibitors.

They come from far and wide and combined, all our exhibitors offer a vast array of products that help make Pest Control Operators successful, efficient and profitable.

AB Bait Co

AB Bait Co. has partnered with PelGar International to bring exceptional products to the US market. Their current US products; Brigand SB – Soft Bait Rodenticide and Brigand WB – Wax Block Rodenticide, both fill specific market needs and go above and beyond what the market currently offers.  At the New York Pest Expo we look to continue to expand our reach and customer base through one of the most informative shows in the country.

Abatem Heat Treatment Systems, LLC

Abatem Heat Treatment Systems has designed a patent-pending solution using mobile heat units/trucks to eradicate bed bug infestations in furniture and other personal belongings.  We are proud to bring this solution to market which will give pest control companies the opportunity to  improve and expand their bed bug eradication strategies.  We look forward to displaying this product and its components once again at the New York Pest Expo.

Allergy Technologies, LLC

A new weapon in the war against bed bugs, ActiveGuard™ mattress and box spring liners are patented, fitted covers proven to kill bed bugs within 72 hours after installation in both lab and real-life scenarios.  This translates into no live bugs crawling around under you while you sleep.  Since the active liner goes on the mattress or box spring in the same way as a fitted sheet, installation is significantly easier with no ripping or tearing.  Its continuous protection, easy installation and success rate make ActiveGuard a natural choice for PMPs, public health and housing agencies, shelters, universities, property managers, hotels and other transient lodging facilities.

B&G Equipment Company
When you visit our booth at the Expo, ask for a demo of B&G’s new Modular Pest Control Systems designed to deliver aerosol, foam, and dust from one compact system. This is the ultimate bed bug, cockroach, and carpenter ant tool – don’t leave the Expo without seeing it.

Bedbug Chasers, Inc.

BedBug Chasers® is a nationwide heat remediation franchised sales, service and rental company providing a 100% Green and Chemical-Free alternative to eliminating bed bugs and other insects in commercial, residential and industrial environments. Using its proprietary, state-of-the-art electric heat technology, BedBug Chasers equipment is capable of facilitating fast, effective and inexpensive heat remediation services throughout the United States. For more information, visit and be sure to drop by our booth at the 2012 New York Pest Expo.

Central Life Sciences
Zoecon is the world leader in the research and development of Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs). Products like Precor, Gentrol, and Kinoprene disrupt the reproductive potential of many insect pests.  Other Zoecon products such as Catalyst, Golden Malrin and Wasp-X have proven to be valuable and effective tools in professional pest control. Most recently, Zenprox has shown great efficacy in the control of bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, stink bugs, and spiders. We have diversified our product line to include a wide variety of fly control traps such as the EZ Trap to capture and control many different fly species. The Northeast Regional Manager, Jeffrey O’Neill has 32 years experience in pest and mosquito control and can be reached at 302-312-3950 and at  The New York Pest Expo is an excellent opportunity to learn about new products, pest biology and behavior, and the most current strategies and operational methods for pest management. Enjoy the show!

Check back soon for more on our exhibitors! See you soon!


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