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2 Great Fly Control Products are in

Alpine Fly Bait now registered in New York

Nibor-D + IGR Foam just arrived

Liphatech’s new IGI CO2 System is now available in New York through Bug Off!

This year’s New York Pest Expo proved to be another great success! We had over 500 people in attendance and the reviews are rolling in. 

Jeffrey E McGovern, “The Pest Coach”

“It was as sterling an event as ever. Andy puts these things together like no one else. Well done sir and we look forward to 2022.”

Pat Ryan, PDM

“By far the best show we do all year”

Dr. Stan Cope, VP Technical Products and Services, Catchmaster

“Congratulations on what by all appearances was another great Expo.  The
theme seemed to work perfectly and of course, the enthusiasm and energy were
highly palpable!  I was pleased and honored to be a small part of it.  You
have much to be proud of my friend, as you continue to provide
professionalism and quality to our industry.  
Continue to do great things along the extra mile, where there is very little
traffic, and know that I am always here to support you and Bug Off.”

Mike Joyce, PMP Magazine

“This Expo was seamless and without a doubt the best one I have attended.
Every vendor I spoke to was very happy with booth traffic and I saw a ton of
new faces. I had 30 people sign up for a subscription. That is by far the
most of any show. As always, you killed it on the mic. Great job to you and
your team. Proud to be a card carrying member of the Bug Off family.”

Stuart Aust, Principle/Founder The Aust Group

“Andy Linares puts on a great NY Pest Expo in case you haven’t attended in the past!”

Vaughn Thomas Cleveland Best Pest Control

“The New York Pest Expo did not disappoint. It was totally worth the trip to be amongst great minds and titans in the industry.”

Virginia Pest Solutions

“Awesome to be around so many technicians in the pest control industry! Great learning experience.”

Craig Martelle

“Andy, you put on another fantastic event!! Thank you for the opportunity!!”

We’re already planning next year. Don’t miss out on everything the New York Pest Expo has to offer. Be sure to register when we open it up. 

image: PMP Magazine

Be part of the revolution!

Since launching in 2003, The New York Pest Expo has become one of the most significant events in pest management. The Expo continues to thrive because it is always fresh and energized — a true celebration among friends! As the events of 2020 will not allow us to meet in person this year, Bug Off Pest Control Center has created an online Expo page which will run for the month of November with the theme “We Are Essential.” You’ll find:

An Exhibitor Showcase with instructional videos by major manufacturers;
All-Star Testimonials with messages from notable figures;
Live, in-person Upcoming Training programs; and Blowouts! Major promos, discounts and offers available at Bug Off’s Online Store and Showroom.

Bug Off is already making plans for the next Expo. Until then, be safe, stay strong and “See You Live in 2021!”


Get the year’s best prices before they’re gone

The 2020 New York Pest Expo Blowout deals are available for the month of November ONLY, and exclusively to registered Bug Off members — while supplies last. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. (But you can sign up to Bug Off’s email list for flash notifications on deals.)




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2014 New York Pest Expo

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