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Nicole GallagherThis was Dr. Gallagher’s first presentation at the New York Pest Expo and it was a great debut performance. She provided us with an outstanding lecture on new findings in termite behavior and a review of the termiticide development process.



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Understanding Termite Behavior and Effective Control Measures

Featuring: Dr. Nicola Gallagher, Syngenta Professional Products 


Learn everything you need to know about termites and their control.

Don’t miss our 12-Credit Termite Training Course this Wednesday and Thursday, February 26 & 27.

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We know you’ve been chomping at the bit. That’s why Bug Off Pest Control Center is hosting The Termite Training Course. We’ll help you stop those termites from chomping everything else!

We hope you can join us April 28th and 29th for this event and to earn your credits. There will be 2 sessions available. Please see our web site for credit details.