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In a recent publication, The National Pest Management Association’s Bug Barometer Forecasts A Pest-Filled Start to Fall Across the United States. That’s right folks. Hold onto your hats. we’re in for a busy season!



In case you’re wondering what’s going on at Bug Off Pest Control Center,  the team at Pest Management Professional featured us in their September 2012 Executive View Point. There have been a lot of changes and enhancements to our business and we don’t want you to miss a beat. Of great importance, next month is the 10th Edition of the New York Pest Expo, and, we will once again be sponsoring the Pest Management Professional Hall of Fame Ceremony at the PestWorld event this month in Boston. 

This has been the “Year of Consolidation” for Bug Off Pest Control Center. We continue to add to our customer base and to expand our market share, as we see a steady increase in new clients both in the showroom as well as on our online store. We have added new lines of distribution and expanded our product line significantly. Our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages have developed a large and devoted following. As a result, we have solidified our role as a premier supplier — and positioned ourselves for continued growth in the years ahead.