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Enhibitors 1Reasons for Attending the
2014 New York Pest Expo

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We have a new career training center and we couldn’t be more excited! As many of you know Bug Off Pest Control Center hosts a number of live events throughout the year for the pest control professional! Now with a third connected store front we have the ability to provide more events arming PMP’s with the knowledge they need to be successful in todays ever evolving industry.

There is so much going on at Bug Off Pest Control Center and we want to thank Marty Whitford and the team at Pest Management Professional for sharing the news regarding our new career training center with everyone in this months issue of their magazine. In case you missed it, please continue reading for all the detail on our new training center, the events we have hosted and some that we will soon be hosting. Of course, if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with us, please visit our Facebook page and post them there.


The following post was written by Dan Gordon to follow up on the presentation he made for the Bug Off Pest Control Center family earlier this year, Building Wealth for Life – How To Turn Your Pest Control Business Into a Well Oiled Profit Machine. 

What is the real cost of doing business? You need to understand this in order to price yourself appropriately and not sell yourself cheap. You are providing a needed service and if communicated properly to your customer that way you will be able to command your price.