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 “A Celebration of Sweden with Cryonite”

Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Coogan’s Restaurant,  4015 Broadway (169 St.), Manhattan

BoatViking helmet

Here’s what you get:

·         Credits: 7A: 1.50, 7F: 1.00, 8: 1.50 

·         Food, cocktails, music, gifts, prizes, special offers

·         Mingle with cool people and beautiful hostesses!

·         First 10 people who sign up get Paul Bello’s “Bed

Bug Combat Manual” FREE!

bed bug combat manual

Cryonite 7.2014

·         $600.00 off the Cryonite System, plus a free Bug Dome!

Bug Dome

·         $10.00 off admission to the 2014 New York Pest Expo on Thursday, November 13, 2014!

Admission: $125.00

Present your patch from the 2013 New York Pest Expo and admission is $95.00!

 Register Online! 

This Event is open only to Owners, Operators, Managers, Supervisors and other decision-makers

Payment is final

Following are a couple of excerpts from Dr. Austin Frishman and Paul Bello’s soon to be published Cockroach Combat Manual II. They shared these experiences and others in the July 2013 Pest Management Professional Magazine. Two of their stories are published below but we encourage you to read the others in the original article

The events you will read about are true.  We witnessed them and share them with you for your benefit. But the primary purpose of relating these stories isn’t to be sensationalistic. It’s to stress to pest management professionals (PMPs) what might happen if people in our profession didn’t exist.  It emphasizes how horrible a cockroach situation can become and the incredible horror humans must — or mistakenly think they must — endure daily in their homes. It underscores how important our work can be to others who depend on us. With current technology, there’s no excuse. Although it’s not a shame to have cockroaches, it’s a sin to persist with them. Never let this happen with your customers. Do what you can to correct it wherever it exists. Do your best.


This was a presentation not to be missed. Paul Bello is an authority on bed bugs. His experience, knowledge and passion regarding bed bugs and their impact on our society are what inspired him to write his book, The Bed Bug Combat Manual. The book was released just before the 2011 New York Pest Expo and signed, specially priced copies became available for the first time in New York at this great event. For those of you who missed the show, the book is still available through Bug Off Pest Control Center for only $50.00.


We want to thank Marty Whitford, Publisher and Editorial Director at Pest Management Professional Magazine for this great write up! Look for this and more from PMP Magazine this December folks. Again, thanks!

Where are you going to find the largest, most intense collection of Pest Industry Speakers in one place? You guessed right if you said the 2011 New York Pest Expo! There is nothing else like it.

This year the New York Pest Expo is welcoming Paul Bello of PJB Pest Managing Consulting.

Paul will present “Bed Bug Update: Technologies and Techniques.” Learn about the latest bed bug management techniques. A review of emerging bed bug control tools: Practical tips and tricks.