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Dean SpeakingFirst, we really need to thank Dean for coming all the way down from Canada to participate in the New York Pest Expo this year. He is always a great technical resource with fresh material to share.  His message: Stored product pests (SPPs) are on the rise; adding this service to your residential and commercial accounts can lead to a significant new source of growth for your company.

With the growth in global commerce, reduction of pesticide use, and an increase in organic approaches, SPPs have rebounded and are posing a significant challenge to Pest Management Professionals (PMPs). The food supply has been affected and people are increasingly concerned when they find evidence of these critters in their pantry.  Imagine finding SPP larvae in your Twix bar. Dean did! Even with his pest management background he was still grossed out. If love handles weren’t enough of an incentive to stop eating junk food, the larvae certainly did it.


Are you interested in learning more about Fumigation Services? Bed Bug Fumigation Specialists and Bug Off Pest Control Center will be hosting an evening of fumigation information!

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