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the following post was provided to Bug Off Pest Control Center by: Sandy “Ladybug” Honess and Frank C. Honess, III of Ladybug Pest Management, Inc. in Delmar, DE  (302) 846-2295


The following blog post was written for Bug Off Pest Control Center by Sandy “Ladybug” Honess, OwnerLadybug Pest Management, Inc.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.  What is considered a playful nursery rhyme to most of us has become a nightmare for many others.

In less than a year of Ladybug Pest Management’s start-up we have investigated at least four large infestations of bed bugs in single-family homes in Sussex County, Delaware and Wicomico County, Maryland.  All four homeowners were on fixed incomes and/or unemployed and could not afford the cost for bed bug treatment.