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The following guest post is written by Chris Bowley of P&L Systems. Although we just celebrated Memorial Day this past Monday, these tips and points can be applied to any cookout this summer. We hope you enjoy and think about Chris’ post the next time you entertain outside.

Ah, the official start of summer…. and unofficial start of “Fly Season”.

With over 120,000 species, the order Diptera is the fourth largest order in the class Insecta. In the USA we are “lucky” to only have around 16,000 indigenous species – and every barbecue seems to attract every one of them to our yard or deck! They range from the beautiful Male Striped Horse Fly, Tabanus lineola (left pic) to the bizarre Stalk-eyed fly, Teleopsis dalminni (below) and can be among the most beneficial animals in the Arthropod Phylum……. However they are universally recognized as a nuisance and major vectors of disease.  Above all, they are just GROSS – if you followed a fly for a day, you wouldn’t eat for a week.