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certificationjThe Complete PMP Course: 14-Hour course presented in 2 sessions. Prepare for the 7A, 7F and category 8 exams.  Recertification credits for 7A, 7F and 8. Eligibility course for license upgrade. This is also a great preparatory course for the ACE exam.


DATES:    Session #1:  Tuesday, March 24, 2015              

Session #2:  Thursday, March 26, 2015 (more…)

Now You See Them, Now You Don’t is a great article that was first published in the PestWest 411 newsletter, issue 14 and written By Dr. Stuart Mitchell. Again, this a great resource we wanted to share with our followers. If you want to learn more or ask Dr. Mitchell about the article please be sure to come to the New York Pest Expo November 8th. 

Unwanted and unclean, they fly in from filth to food. They can carry up to 6 million external bacteria and 25 million internal bacteria. They can leave 16 to 31 saliva and/or fecal spots in 24 hours.

House flies, Musca domestica, now you see them, now you don’t, but its what they leave behind and what you don’t see! What you don’t see can make your customers sick!


The following article, FLY AGGRESSION & HUMAN ANGER By Dr. Stuart Mitchell, is from the PestWest 411 Newsletter, issue #13. We really liked it and thought you will too.

Biologists have begun to research whether flies can get angry. This research is part of a wider-scope study on how animal behavior is genetically related.

Do flies get angry? That is the key question, and possibly illustrates a fly’s repeated and increasingly tenacious return to your food plate after your every attempt to move it away. To study this question, researchers crafted an experiment using Drosophila (Fruit flies).