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Dr. Bill Robinson speaking PE 1We had yet another great presentation from Dr. Bill Robinson at this year’s New York Pest Expo.  His presentation focused on fly biology and habits.

Dr. Robinson reminded us of the importance of fly management in both residential and commercial accounts. Flies carry microorganisms that cause disease and can become a public health problem. Control often requires the expertise of a pest control operator.


The following article, Most Wanted: Flies By Dr. Stuart Mitchell was originally shared by PestWest in the PestWest 411 Newsletter

They come by air, land, and filth flagrantly violating our public health laws. These flying infections criminally move pathogens from filth to food.

They vector diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, and intestinal-worms. Spotting is produced when feeding and defecating. These law-breakers each produce 16 to 31 spots in 24 hours. They harbor up to 6 million external bacteria and 25 million internal bacteria.