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Luralite Cento Fly Machine. Buy 4, get another free. Through 6/30/19

FTP30 Fly Machine. Buy 4, get another free. Through 6/30/19

Halo 45 Fly Machine. Buy 4, get another free. Through 6/30/19


Bird Spikes – 15’ Kit. Buy 4 boxes, get another free.

Prikka Strips – 13’ Kit. Buy 4, get another free. Through 6/30/19

Euro Mouse Stations. Buy 4 cases, get another free. Through 6/30/19


Polti Cimex Eradicator Steamer – Call for details

TT-2000 Power Cart. $490.00 while supplies last

Omega Green Supreme Vac – @ $250.00. While supplies last

Apex Steamer – @ $690.00. While supplies last.


Temprid FX 400ml – $10.00 off per bottle. While supplies last.

Suspend SC 16oz – $5.00 off per bottle. While supplies last.

Tempo SC Ultra 240ml – $5.00 off per bottle. While supplies last.

Maxforce Complete 4lb – $7.00 off per jug. Through May 31, 2019

Tempo 1% Dust 1.25lb – $2.00 off per bottle. Through May 31, 2019

Maxforce Fleet Ant Gel. $10.00 off per case. Through 5/31/19

EcoRaider Pint @ $12.00 each. While supplies last.



The Boss PDS-2.5. Light-weight,  2.5-gallon, battery-operated backpack sprayer has 2 flow settings: Low, for indoor applications; High, for outdoor use. Wand extends from 24” to 40”. Comes with pin-to-cone and fan-spray tips.


Polti’s Cimex Eradicator Steamer. A killing machine with heating elements in the boiler and at the tip. No need to make contact with the surface you’re treating. This steamer provides the highest temperature at the tip on the market.

We are offering the Cimex Eradicator at a special promo price while supplies last. Please call for pricing, the manufacturer will not allow us to publish the price publicly.

ZappBug Oven 2. Large-capacity heat box has 2 heat registers. Quickly heats up to 120 degrees.  Folds down for easy storage and transport.


This Just In:

Web Out Qt @ $12.00.

Botanical 25(b)-exempt product kills and repels spiders, breaks down webs and prevents web formation on surfaces. Kills other crawling insects as well and also serves to control fungus and mildew. Contains essential oils and vinegar. Kills on contact and keeps killing for weeks indoors and out.



 Takedown Soft Bait. $15.00 mail-in rebate per 4-lb bag. Through March 31, 2017 (more…)

This Just In!


Vectorfog C150+. Variable-flow ULV fogger. Two-speed output. 1.5-Gallon capacity. $350.00.


Crossfire Aerosol. Kills all life stages of bed bugs. Kills on contact. Residual lasts up to 4 weeks. Contains synergized clothianidin and metofluthrin. May be applied on mattresses. Buy 4, get an additional one free. While supplies last. $20.00 each or $210.00 per case of 12.

New Promos



Brigand SB 

Brigand Soft Bait 18lb @ $80.00. Through 7/31/16

 bird spikes     (more…)