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Green Gorilla, Call for Details

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Takedown @ $7.00 off per 4-lb bag. While supplies last (more…)

The Pest Management Career Training Course 

This course can be used for:

  • Required training for those wishing to become licensed in New York.
  • New York recertification credits.
  • Apprenticeship training for new employees.
  • Category-specific credits for Applicators wishing to add more categories.
  • Category-specific credits for license upgrade.


For new students, this course consists of classroom lectures and 2 exams.  (more…)

Earlier, PCT Magazine published Becoming a Pest Investigator. The article introduced us to the tools all technicians should have at all times. Now in Becoming a Pest Investigator Part 2, they point out the tools we should have readily available and highlight some specialized tools to consider having. So, please enjoy their follow up article. Let us know what you think here or on the Bug Off Pest Control Center Facebook page.

Let’s start back up with the tools you should have easily at your disposal, but need not always carry with you: