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Fleas are making a comeback. This was recently noted in the PCT Magazine article “Trends of the Last Decade”. According to this article, flea treatments have been on the rise over the last several years.

Anyone who has a dog or cat has been advised by their veterinarian to use the various flea and tick treatments to ward off these nasty little buggers. However, it’s believed that the broad use of these repellents has helped these pests to build a resistance to them.


“Green living” is something many American families are trying to adopt in their daily lives. Over the last decade this has become very apparent with regards to pest control. As noted in a recent PCT magazine article, “Trends of the Last Decade”, “more consumers are looking for kinder, gentler pest control solutions”.

Today’s consumers are joining the “green movement” wanting more products and services that are considered less harmful to the environment. Look at the increase in hybrid cars, “green” cleaning products and eco-friendly advertisements of all sorts. The pest control industry is no different. PCOs are adding terms like “eco-friendly” to their marketing pieces and even logos in response to this trend.