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Jeff McGovern Bug Off Pest Control Center NYPestExpoJeff has become a popular speaker at the annual New York Pest Expo. And for good reason – if you’ve missed any of his talks you’ve missed some of the most entertaining, animated and informative presentations anywhere.

This year Jeff helped us understand how building with layers of service and processes will result in successful pest management. The primary processes every PCO has in their arsenal are: heat, cold, fumigation, chemical, non-chemical and mechanical.


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Jeff Mc Govern

Jeff McGovern Bug Off Pest Control Center NYPestExpo


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cimi homeless shelterThe Samoshel homeless shelter in Santa Monica, CA had one of the worst bed bug problems imaginable. And with a limited budget, they had not been able to find an effective solution. One hundred percent of the residents had complained of being bitten, bed bugs were visible on their blankets mid day, and most residents were keeping their possessions in plastic trash bags. Some even put their bed legs into pails of water.

About 100 beds were placed in three different rooms of a temporary structure. Low walls separated the rooms. With infested possessions and bedding everywhere, and infrequent laundering, this was a zero control site.

Read the PMP Perspective of this story.

Cimi2Pest Barrier heard about the situation and offered a free treatment with Cimi-Shield, the green bed bug eliminator with a twelve-month residual on fabric and cracks and crevices. But we were nervous, the problem was so vast with so much food and easy passageways, we didn’t think anything could possibly solve this problem; but we decided to give it a try. (more…)

2012 nype jeff mc governJeff opened and closed the 2012 New York Pest Expo with two excellent presentations, the whole time never changing out of the Body Guard Suit. Looking good, Jeff!

Jeff’s closing presentation, The Art and Craft of Expert Bed Bug Control focused on the importance of the PMP’s role as a craftsman.  Professionals need to be educated, well trained, focused and properly armed.  Due diligence is required to succeed in pest management in general, and bed bug control in particular.