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The Solution for Burrowing Pests

Designated as a pest control device by the EPA, the BurrowRx is an easy-to-use, durable and effective burrowing rodent killing device. It is a great option for lots, public housing, zoos, gardens, golf courses, schools, parks, sports fields, roadways, and more.   Find out more, watch video

Shockwave 1 aerosol. 2 active ingredients, 2 synergists plus an IGR. For roaches, ants, flies and stored products pests. Flushes, kills on contact and leaves behind a residual and growth regulator. OK for food areas. 



  Non-anticoagulant soft bait contains 0.01% bromethalin. Use indoors and outdoors. No burrow baiting. Food establishment use – OK. Sold in 4-lb resealable bags containing 800+ 8-gm pouches.

Receive a $40-dollar manufacturer mail-in rebate per 4-lb bag purchase. Through 12/31/16

Other new products!



  Endoscope with snapshot and video function. For inspection of hard-to-reach areas and inaccessible cavities (drains, wall voids, etc.). Images are transmitted via Wi-Fi to tablets, phones and PCs. Variable light intensity at tip, 40″ flexible gooseneck. Comes with flashlight and plastic carry case. 4 AA batteries not included. $140.00. (more…)