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Jeff McGovernThis was Jeff’s third appearance as a speaker at the New York Pest Expo and it was awesome! Jeff’s presentation focused on finding success through technique.

Jeff opened by emphasizing the value a PMP provides to the client. It has a price tag and should not be negotiated. Do not under-value yourself. Charge for your time and knowledge. Do an assessment and evaluation for your clients. That’s how you promote value.


2012 nype jeff mc governJeff opened and closed the 2012 New York Pest Expo with two excellent presentations, the whole time never changing out of the Body Guard Suit. Looking good, Jeff!

Jeff’s closing presentation, The Art and Craft of Expert Bed Bug Control focused on the importance of the PMP’s role as a craftsman.  Professionals need to be educated, well trained, focused and properly armed.  Due diligence is required to succeed in pest management in general, and bed bug control in particular.


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