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Greg Baumann, VP Technical Services & Regulatory Affairs, Nisus Corp.

Smart Pest Management in Retail Food Accounts
Restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and other retail food accounts all have different needs and expectations. Every account is different when it comes to operation, hours and objectives. Understanding the special needs and challenges of each account is key to success. Learn how to develop sound pest management programs focused on these type of establishments.

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Greg Baumann is the vice president of technical services and regulatory affairs at Nisus Corp. For sixteen years, Baumann was with the National Pest Management Association and was instrumental in the development of NPMA Standards for Pest Management in Food Plants.


John Murphy, Northeast District Sales Manager, Liphatech

Rodent Control — Let’s Get Serious
We will review common misconceptions when it comes to rodent control. How do we use the rodent’s behavior to our advantage, and how do we best deploy the tools available to us? Serious rodent control includes inspection, trapping and rodenticides.

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John Murphy is the northeast district sales manager for Liphatech, a position he’s held for 20 years. He has spent over 35 years working in the urban pest management industry. He once owned and operated commercial service companies, as well as a pesticide distribution firm.


Lou Sorkin, BCE, Forensic Entomologist Entsult Associates

The Wonders of Complete Metamorphosis
Complete metamorphosis in insects is all about dramatic transformations in appearance. This year, Lou Sorkin, a New York Pest Expo veteran, will speak on the marvels of holometabola, one type of metamorphosis exhibited by insects. After learning all about these insects and their metamorphosis cycles, Sorkin promises to have live insects to view at the presentation and maybe even some insects to taste!

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Lou Sorkin, BCE, has provided entomological expertise to homeowners, businesses, associations and institutions since 1978. He works extensively with pest management companies to implement integrated pest management programs for their clients.


Dr. Nicky Gallagher, Technical Services Manager, Syngenta Professional Products

What Makes Ticks Tick?
With a steady increase in the incidence and spread of tick-borne diseases, the pest control industry must know how to manage a tick problem. Tick control can be an excellent add-on service for your business. This presentation will discuss the importance of tick identification, tick-borne diseases and tools available for tick management.

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Dr. Nicky Gallagher serves as the Technical Services Manager for the Midwest and Northeast Professional Pest Management market at Syngenta Professional Products. She maintains responsibility for all phases of field testing and technical support within her region and coordinates numerous research programs with university researchers.


Dr. Stanton Cope, VP of Technical Products & Services, Atlantic Paste and Glue – Catchmaster

Pest Control & the Protection of Health and Property — Partners for the Good of All
For his first year at the New York Pest Expo, Dr. Stan Cope will share an in-depth look at all the different ways pest control can benefit public health. Including from a medical, environmental, economic and psychological standpoint. According to Cope, many PMP’s have dealt with situations involving delusory parasitosis, which is when a person mistakenly feels that they or their surroundings are somehow infested with insects.

The Future of Mosquito-Borne Illnesses
It’s time for mosquitoes by the numbers. PMP’s must understand how mosquitoes harm us and be aware our ability to control them. After reviewing the impact of Zika in 2015-2016, Cope will discuss all of the factors that come together for a disease outbreak to occur. Can we predict future outbreaks? What are the future threats? There are other major viruses already out there, which Cope says will eventually make their way to the U.S.

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Dr. Stanton E. Cope, Jr., PhD, is currently the vice president of technical products and services for Atlantic Paste and Glue – Catchmaster. He has also authored over 80 publications and has delivered over 100 presentations at scientific meetings.

Event Details
Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel
2117 Route 4 East, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Admission: $150.00 (By Nov. 2);
Late Registration: $200.00 (After Nov. 2)
Breakfast, Lunch, Cocktail Hour and Parking included. Payment is Final.

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Total NYS DEC credits for the entire event: 7A: 3.0, 7F: 3.5, 8: 4.0

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As we prepare for the 16th Annual New York Pest Expo we want to thank Pest Management Professional Magazine for helping to highlight our event and speakers. Here’s a little introduction from them.

“The 16th edition of the New York Pest Expo is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 9, 2018. This year, five of the foremost experts in the pest management industry will lead educational sessions on topics ranging from insect metamorphosis, the protection of food and public health, tick management, real-life rodent control and tracking the next Zika.


The Expo continues to grow and each edition promises to be bigger and better than ever. Nobody leaves the Expo empty-handed!