This Just in

Protector Hand Sanitizer Contains 75% isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Used by the British armed forces. $5.00


Monark SB contains 0.005% of the second-generation anticoagulant difenacoum. The only difenacoum soft bait in America. Monark soft bait is formulated using a blend of high-quality culinary-grade wheat flour, chopped grain and soft lard to produce a palatable bait that is attractive to both rats and mice. Because it doesn’t contain any allergens, it can be used in sensitive areas such as food processing facilities. Soft baits remain pliable even in freezing temperatures. Monark Soft Bait is available in 16-lb buckets of 480 x 15g sachets. Special intro price while supplies last.


We’ve got PPE for you













Are you getting busy with rodent exclusion?

PrevenChew. Dense, crimped stainless steel roll is great for sealing holes and gaps. A great exclusion tool for rodents and other wildlife.


 RodeXit WAVE door sweep. Now on sale for $216.00 per 9-yard roll or $648.00 per 27-yard roll!


Rodent Stop barrier paste containing metal fragments used to seal gaps indoors and outdoors against rodents and other vermin.


Disinfect your accounts before they open again


For those of you providing disinfecting services, these applicators are working very well:

The Boss 320 is back! Light-weight, battery-operated, 2.5-gallon  sprayer. Low-flow setting allows for indoor applications; Hi-flow setting allows for exterior use. Trigger Gun Telescoping Wand extends from 20″ to 39″. Pin-to-cone and fan spray tips included. Also includes fast charger and 18V battery.

SureKill® Liquid Pro Kit allows the technician to apply liquid insecticides through a non-pressurized system that is compact and easy to use. The automatic refilling design eliminates the need for pumping and comes complete with 1 quart tank, deluxe holster, adjustable tips, and a durable, lightweight applicator gun.

Green Gorilla battery-operated sprayer now on sale for $299.00, plus receive a free battery case.

TT-2000 Power Cart. 2-gallon compressed air sprayer/foamer with compressor mounted on rugged utility cart.  Now on sale for $450.00!


We’re almost ready to get back to live recertification training.

Keep your eyes open for a bunch of workshops and a load of credits.




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