FiberTrap, a micro-technology company based in Holbrook, NY,  has granted an Authorized Distributorship to New-York-City-based Bug Off Pest Control Center for the sale of FiberTrap bed bug monitors. The FiberTrap monitor uses microfiber technology that mimics the architectures of a multi-direction spider web to ensnare bed bug legs. Bed bugs are drawn to the trap by its design and color, as well as by the use of proprietary lures. Each trap measures 3″ X 2 1/2″ X 3/4″. The product is made entirely from recycled materials and contains no chemicals. The product may be used for pre- and post-bed bug treatment as well as for ongoing preventative monitoring.


Rodexit Wave Door Sweeps and Rodexit Straight Rodent-Proofing Strips on sale!

With businesses closed and pest control services limited, rats are seeking new food sources inside structures. This is the time to push rodent-proofing services. For a limited time, the Rodexit Wave and the Rodexit Straight will be available for $216.00 per 9-yard roll ($24.00 per yard). Regular price – $270.00 per roll.  Don’t forget to also arm yourself with these other great exclusion tools:


Stay safe and get ready for the surge of pest management calls after we overcome this crisis.


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