RodeXit Now Available Through Bug Off Pest Control Center

Posted: January 20, 2020 in Bug Off Pest Control Center, Pest Management, Products
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The Danish company RodeXit has granted an authorized distributorship for its rodent-resistant door sweeps and proofing strips to Bug Off Pest Control Center, the New-York-based supplier and training institution. In keeping with its desire to offer the finest and most innovative products on the market, Bug Off is very pleased to represent the RodeXit line. Bug Off’s Andy Linares has no doubt that RodeXit will be well received by the US market because it is a high-quality rodent-proofing tool;  is easy to install, transport and store; saves labor and time; and is durable and cost-effective. Linares has stated that “the future of rodent control is exclusion; and the future of exclusion is RodeXit.”


Bjørn von Ryberg, CEO and co-inventor of RodeXit is confident that Bug Off Pest Control Center will be successful in marketing its products and  providing its clients with the guidance needed to ensure that RodeXit becomes an essential rodent-proofing tool in the American Pest Management Industry.

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