Polti’s Cimex Eradicator Steamer. A killing machine with heating elements in the boiler and at the tip. No need to make contact with the surface you’re treating. This steamer provides the highest temperature at the tip on the market.

We are offering the Cimex Eradicator at a special promo price while supplies last. Please call for pricing, the manufacturer will not allow us to publish the price publicly.

TT-2000 Power Cart. 2-gallon electric spray/foam tank. Provides liquid, wet foam and dry foam applications. Cart-mounted with compressor. Extension wand. Variety of tips allow for drain, void and surface applications as well as wood treatments with borates.

Limited-time offer – $490.00, while supplies last.


Optical Gel bird deterrent. For indoor and outdoor use. Repels birds via visual, contact and scent means.

Special offer – $60.00 per box of 24. While supplies last.

Euro Mouse Station, Prikka Strips,  Bird Spikes, FTP30 Fly Machine and Halo 45 Fly Machine: Buy any 4 of the same, get an additional one free. Through 2/28/19

EcoRaider Pint @ $12.00, while supplies last

Maxforce Magnum, Select, Impact – $10.00 off per case.

Temprid FX – $10.00 off per 400ml bottle. While supplies last

Suspend SC Pints and Tempo SC 240ml – $5.00 off per bottle – while supplies last

Apex Steamer with Carry Case @ $690.00. While supplies last

Atrix Omega Green Supreme vacuum @ $250.00 while supplies last.

What Else is New?

The Solution for Burrowing Pests

Designated as a pest control deviceby the EPA, the BurrowRx is an easy-to-use, durable and effective burrowing rodent killing device. It is a great option for lots, public housing, zoos, gardens, golf courses, schools, parks, sports fields, roadways, and more

Find out more, watch video

Shockwave 1 aerosol. 2 active ingredients, 2 synergists plus an IGR. For roaches, ants, flies and stored products pests. Flushes, kills on contact and leaves behind a residual and growth regulator. OK for food areas

Optigard Roach gel. For all roach species. New active – emamectin.

Nattaro Scout bed bug monitor with synthetic pheromone attractant. Lasts 21 days


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