Friday,  November 9, 2018, 8 am to 6 pm

The George Washington Bridge Doubletree Hotel
2117 Route 4 East, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Admission: $200.00

(Breakfast, lunch, parking and cocktail hour included)

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 Payment is Final

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the
2018 New York Pest Expo!
(Tell us if we missed anything.)

Be part of the most significant 1-day event in pest management!

It’s ALL FRESH!: Great location, new speakers, hot themes, special features.

  • Our speakers include some of the most notable stars in pest management.

Greg Baumann, Smart Pest Management in Retail Food Accounts

Lou Sorkin, BCE: The Wonders of Complete Metamorphosis

Dr. Stanton Cope: Pest Control and the Protection of Health and Property

Dr. Nicola Gallagher: What Makes Ticks Tick?

Dr. Stanton Cope: The Future of Mosquito-Borne Illnesses

John Murphy: Rodent Control – Let’s Get Serious

  • Visit dozens of exhibits by leading companies.
    Apex Steam, AP&G/Catchmaster, B&G Equipment, BASF, Bayer, Bell Labs, Bird Barrier, EcoRaider,  JT Eaton, Kness, LiphaTech, Mattress Safe, MGK, NYPMA, Nisus, NPD, PMP Magazine, PDM, Rockwell Labs, PelGar USA., Pelsis, Polti USA, Select Insurance, SenesTech, ServicePro Software, Syngenta, Wildlife Control Supplies, Yelp, ZappBug, Zoecon
  • Get in on the food, gifts, prizes, raffles, promos and blowout pricing on supplies and equipment. No one leaves the Expo empty-handed.
    We will be blowing out Steamers, B&G Equipment, Aerosol Applicators, Foggers, Dusters, Bait Guns, Mosquito Control Equipment, EcoRaider, Foamers, Backpacks, Wildlife Supplies, Heating Chambers. And we’ve got month-long promos and rebates.                    BUT ONLY IF YOU ATTEND!
  • Stick around for the open-bar reception with appetizers after the event!
  • We’ve got free parking!
  • Take advantage of same-day, tax-free blowout prices.
    And the next day, take 10% off all in-stock store items on 11/10/18
  • Network. Network. Network.
    Create alliances among colleagues, share ideas and get a head start on your competitors.
  • Get your New York State Recertification Credits.
    7A  — 3.0,  7F  —- 3.5,  8  — 4.0
  • Improve your skills and elevate your professionalism. This isn’t a workshop or seminar or meeting; this is a CAN’T-MISS EVENT.

Don’t miss out!
Register NOW!

Register online at
or call

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