We are looking forward to hearing what Greg Baumann of Nisus Corp. has to share. He’ll be enlightening us on how to be the expert for Smart Pest Management in Retail Food Accounts. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect.

Restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and other retail food accounts all have different needs and expectations. Every account is different when it comes to their operation, hours and objectives. Understanding the special needs and challenges of each account is key to success.

Greg Baumann will discuss how to develop sound pest management programs focused on these type of establishments. This session won’t focus on pesticides or pest biology but instead will be geared toward the business aspect of retail food accounts. Knowing how to talk with customers will help PMPs distinguish themselves as the expert and rise above the rest of the competition.

Greg Baumann is the vice president of technical services and regulatory affairs at Nisus Corp. For sixteen years, Baumann was with the National Pest Management Association and was instrumental in the development of NPMA Standards for Pest Management in Food Plants.

Can’t wait to hear more? Be sure to register for Transitions 2018!

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