This Just In

JT Eaton 900 Locator Sign. Self-adhesive labels for locating bait stations and other pest control devices in commercial accounts. Sold in packs of 100


Long Shot Puffer. 14″ long, plastic tip, end cap and see-though 4-oz container.


Still Fresh


Advion Evolution Gel bait labeled for major roach species. Contains indoxacarb with an enhanced bait matrix for added attractiveness. Approved for food areas and schools. No PPE requirements. Reduced-risk status.


Kwik-Fold Hand Net. Telescoping handle extends from 23″-41″. Net opening measures 18″ x 16″ x 19″ deep.


Nature’s Defense organic, 25(b)-exempt line of repellents. Mouse and Rat Repellent packs can be used indoors and outdoors in residences, food establishments and other commercial and industrial facilities. 4oz packets sold 12 per bag. Each pack covers 100 sf and should be replaced every 30 days. Animal Repellent offers enhanced outdoor coverage.  Repels over 20 animals including mice, rats, deer, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, chipmunks, cats, raccoons, possum, and snakes. Apply at a rate of 1lb per 100 lf; reapply every 30 days. Can be used along foundations, in gardens, landscapes and in burrows. Packs work best if used inside Housing Boxes. Sturdy, bait stations neatly hold granular baits for flies, roaches, ants and other crawling pests. Tamper-resistant design adds a layer of safety.


Contrac Soft Bait contains 0.005% bromadiolone. Oil-based combination of saturated and unsaturated fats. Unique formulation resists freezing, mold, melting. 16-lb pail contains 700+ 10gm sachets.


Green Gorilla ProLine 1.5 Vi Sprayer. 1.5-gallon polymer sprayer uses lithium ion rechargeable battery to eliminate the need for hand  pumping. Offers a full day of spraying on a single charge. Constant pressure is controlled automatically. Offers significant reduction in pesticide use.


Cimex Eradicator. Super-heated steamer designed for pest elimination. Steam is compressed and re-heated. High heat and low moisture offers optimum results. Comes with 2 bottles of HPMed disinfectant, 2 extensions, protective gloves, cleaning brush, funnel, 2 vials of Kalstop and complete instructions.


Vendetta Nitro. Unique roach gel combines 2 modes of action: clothianidin adulticide along with pyriproxyfen growth regulator. Labeled for American, German and Brown-banded roaches. For food and non-food areas.


New Promo

Maxforce Impact. $120.00 per case. While supplies last.


Existing Promos


Omega Green Supreme Vac – @ $250.00. While supplies last


Bug Sucker Vac – @ $150.00. While supplies last.


Mini DB Fogger @ $950.00. While supplies last.


Versafogger @ $750.00. While supplies last.


Optical Gel @ $65.00 per box/24. While supplies last.

EcoRaider Pint @ $15.00. While supplies last.


Wohler Borescope @ $130.00. While supplies last.


PAS System – @ $550.00. While supplies last.


Apex Steamer – @ $690.00. While supplies last.

B&G 2600 Flex-A-Lite Fogger – @ $280.00. While supplies last.

B&G Versafoamer – @ $470.00. While supplies last.

Euro Mouse Stations. Buy 4 boxes of 25, get an extra box of 25 free. Through 12/31/17

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