As see in the May edition of Pest Management Professional Magazine’s online publication

More research is done on termites than on any other pest. There’s always something new to learn about this enigmatic creature. That’s why we must always stay on top of the latest information. We can’t afford to be complacent about what we’ve learned, because our knowledge base changes so quickly. Never take termite control for granted.

When teaching our Termite Training Course, a number of deficiencies always stand out. First, I find that many veteran pest management professionals become set in their ways, fail to adopt the latest advances and fail to adapt to new circumstances. We need to be humble about what we think we know, and always remain curious about new developments.

Second, people fail to take into account how truly intricate termite labels are. One reading is never enough. I am always surprised at how many subtle details I pick up with every new reading. Trust me, you’ll always find something in there you missed before. While you’re at it, you should give your state regulations a good going over as well.

When performed properly, termite control is a craft — a blend of art and science. To stand out from the rest, we must always strive to perfect our craft.Finally, too many treatments fail because of poor calculations. Success depends on precision when it comes to mixing, application rates, flow rates, calibration, and measuring linear and square feet.

Andy Linares – Bug Off Pest Control Center 

Andy close up

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