This Just In:

EcoVia CA25(b), Minimum-risk, botanical, contact and residual aerosol. Good flush, knockdown and kill. Use in cracks and crevices, voids, spot treatments and space sprays. For indoor and outdoor use. Pleasant herbal scent.  For a variety of crawling and flying insects.

Nibor DVersatile insecticide/fungicide borate powder can be used as a dust, soluble liquid, foam or mop solution. Can be applied indoors, outdoors, down drains and in sewers. Labeled for roaches, ants, crickets, flies, fleas and occasional invaders. Also labeled for use on bare wood to control mildew, fungus and wood-destroying insects.

DSVBroad-spectrum disinfectant, sanitizer, viricide, mildewstat, fungicide and deodorizer. Concentrated formula is mixed 2 ounces per gallon of water and applied by spraying, soaking, foaming, fogging or mopping. Also kills small flies in drains on contact.

Niban FG5% boric acid fine granular bait for indoor-outdoor use. Broad spectrum: ants, roaches, crickets, silverfish, earwigs, slugs and snails.

dominantReady-to-use .47oz liquid ant bait stations contain 5.4% borax. Controls most species of ant (except pharaoh, carpenter, fire and harvester). Can be used indoors and out.

foam freshReady-to-use bio-remedial foam aerosol eliminates organic-based odors and organic buildup. The foam encapsulates odor molecules. Breaks down gunk on surfaces, drains, mops and garbage receptacles, urinals and lockers.


Existing Promos

Tempo SC Ultra 240mlTempo SC 240ml. $4.00 off per bottle. Through 5/31/16

quantum baitQuantum Ant Bait 120gm. $2.00 off per tube. Through 5/31/16



   Suspend SCSuspend SC pints @ $35.00 per bottle. While supplies last.


  Temprid SC (logo)Temprid SC 400 ml @ $90.00 per bottle. While supplies last.

   First Strike BaitFirst Strike 16 lb. @ $97.00 per pail. While supplies last.



vendetta plusVendetta Plus: $7.00 off per case. While supplies last.   Advion cockroachAdvion Roach Gel. $15.00 off per case. While supplies last.

Maxforce SelectMaxforce Select. $20.00 off per case. While supplies last

Maxforce MagnumMaxforce Magnum. $15.00 off per case. While supplies last

kills bedbugs aerosolKills Bed Bugs Plus @ $35.00 per case. While supplies last.

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