What’s New

C2 Infrared Camera
C2 Infrared Camera @ $699.00

MultiAnimal Bait

Multianimal Bait @ $7.00

BK 20 heater

BK-20 Heater @ $3,400.00


Green Machine  Omega Green Supreme Vac @ $249.00. Through 12/31/15

 Atrix Vacuum

Bug Sucker Vac @ $159.00. Through 12/31/15

 New Atrix Battery Backpack Vac

  NEW Atrix Battery Backpack Vacuum @ $800.00 plus 1 free pack of replacement bags. While supplies last.

 cryonite rifle

  Cryonite Rifle @ $3,500.00; Lance @ $5,300.00 plus 1 free

Bug Dome

Bug Dome    Through 12/31/15

 BG 1Gall Sprayer

B&G N124S 1-gallon sprayer @ $239.00. Through 12/31/15

 B&G new versafogger

   NEW B&G Versafogger @ $780.00. While supplies last.

Mouse Book 

  Mouse Book @ $6.00. While supplies last

 Rat Book

Rat Book @ $12.00. While supplies last

snap e-mouse 

   Snap-E Mouse and Snap-E Rat: Buy 1 box, receive a FREE jar of NEW Nara Liquid Lure  Nara Liquid  While supplies last


   Lambdastar @ $32.00. While supplies last.


   Buy 1 case of Invader, receive a FREE ADU   While supplies last.

Maxforce Complete Granualr 4lb 

  Maxforce Complete: Buy one 4-lb jug, receive a FREE 8-oz jar. While supplies last.

 chemoak hose

Chemoak Professional Hose: FREE with any equipment repair or sprayer purchase. While supplies last.

Truman's Guide 

Truman’s Guide: $100.00. While supplies last.


NectarFlyMachineHalo 45 Fly Machine 

Nectar and  Halo fly machines:  Buy 4, get 1 more FREE. Through 12/31/15.

Euro Mouse Box 

Euro Mouse: Buy 4, get 1 more free. Through 12/31/15.



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