September Promos


Mouse Book Mouse Book


Rat Book. Buy 2 boxes, get 2 more boxes FREE. Through 10/31/15

Rat Book

Luralite Cento. Buy 3, get an additional one FREE. Through 10/31/15

Cento Fly Machine


Prikka Strips. Buy 4 boxes, get an additional box FREE. Through 10/31/15

Prikka Strips

Maxforce Magnum. $15.00 off per case. Through 10/30/15   

Maxforce Magnum


  Maxforce Select. $30.00 off per case. Through 10/30/15

Maxforce Select

  Temprid. $4.00 off per 400ml bottle. Through 10/30/15

 Temprid SC (logo)


Eco Raider. Buy 1 case of 4 gallons, receive an extra gallon free from manufacturer. Through 11/30/15.

eco raider full

Stop in and Visit Us:
1085 Saint Nicholas Avenue
(Between 164 & 165 Street)
New York, NY 10032

 or visit us online for more!  



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