What’s New

Final Soft Bait

Final Soft BaitAnticoagulant soft bait contains brodifacoum. Can be used indoors and out in residences and food establishments. Not allowed for burrow baiting. Contains Lumitrack which fluoresces in black light. Sold in 16-lb pails containing 484 15-gm sachets.

Terad3 Block

Terad3BloxNon-anticoagulant, acute rodenticide contains cholecalciferol. Allowed for indoor and outdoor use in residences, food establishments and in sensitive accounts. Sold individually in 4-lb pails.


EcoVia WD

EcoViaWD25(b)-exempt silicalized botanical insecticide dust can be used dry or mixed in water. NOP-compliant for organic facilities. Broad-spectrum insecticide can be used indoors and outdoors. Can be used in residential, commercial, industrial and sensitive accounts. Apply dry at a rate of 2oz per 100sf. Apply as a mixture (1-4oz per gallon) at a rate of 1 gallon per 1000sf.


EcoVia IB

EcoVia IB25(b)-exempt botanical insecticide repels and kills flying and crawling insects. NOP-compliant for organic facilities. Repels insects in open areas; kills them in enclosed spaces. Great for fly control in food establishments and for fumigating bed bugs in sealed containers.

Ongoing Promos

harnessBuy an Atrix Omega Green Supreme Vac and receive a free backpack harness ($99.00 value). While supplies last.

nectarNectar and  Halo fly machines:  Buy 4, get 1 more free. Through 8/31/15

 Halo 45 Fly Machine


Prikka Strips

Prikka Strip   

Euro Mouse Box

Euro Mouse    

bird spikes

Bird Spikes

Buy 4 boxes, get an additional one free. Through 8/31/15


budget bait gun

Budget Bait Gun. Buy 4, get 1 more free. Through 8/31/15



Exciter @ $47.00 per pint. While supplies last.


Temprid RS @ $12.00 per can. While supplies last.


Our Next Great Event

 rats and the citi

Back by popular demand:


Join us at amazing Citi Field  for an evening of education and relaxation. A recertification rodent workshop will be presented by Lipha Tech’s John Murphy in Citi’s state-of-the-art Auditorium. After the Seminar, we’ll watch the Mets play the Marlins in our own exclusive Party City Deck zone. Enjoy UNLIMITED peanuts, Cracker Jacks, chips, pretzels, hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, soft drinks, cookies and BEER! Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet and greet your colleagues on this memorable night. There will also be gifts, prizes and unique discounts and promos. Space is limited. Register now so you don’t miss out.

 Cost:     $150.00      Deadline: September 9, 2015     No registration at the door!

Credits: 3 each for 7A, 7F and 8

Click here for complete information and to register online

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