D'OhPCO Safety Course: Be Smart, Stay Safe

Featuring:   Rob Brown, Gloves By Web

Thursday, June 30, 2015, 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Bug Off Career Training Center, 1085 Saint Nicholas Ave (164-165 St.) 

Join us for a discussion on common pest management workplace mishaps and how to prevent them. There are unique safety considerations in some of the sensitive accounts we service that require special awareness in order to avoid exposure to infectious agents. Learn how to develop a Personal Protection Plan for your company. How to select the right hand, eye, head and body protection equipment as well as the best options for respiratory protection. Are you in compliance with OSHA standards and label and MSDS requirements? Rob Brown is a personal safety expert who has lectured to various industries throughout the country on how to incorporate the latest techniques to ensure worker safety. Don’t miss this workshop if you care about your health.


Cost: $35.00


NYS DEC Credits: CORE: 3.0 (Good for all categories)


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