Bug Off Pest Control Center

May Promos and More!

Nectar and Halo fly machines:

NectarFlyMachineHalo 45 Fly Machine

Receive a free pack of glue with every unit you buy. Through 5/30/15

Cento Fly Machine: Buy 3, get an additional one free. Through 5/30/15

Cento Fly MachineAir Scents: Buy 1 case, get an additional can free. Or, buy 2 cases, get a dispenser free. Through 5/30/15


Prikka Strip Prikka Strips Mouse Book Mouse Book

Rat Book Rat Book Bait Button Bait Button

Buy 4, get an additional one free. Through 5/30/15

premise foamPremise Foam: $2.00 off per can. Through 5/30/15

exciterExciter @ $47.00 per pint. While supplies last.

TEMPRID RSTemprid RS @ $12.00 per can. While supplies last.

Suspend SCSuspend SC 16oz. $3.00 off per bottle. Through 5/29/15

Tempo SC Ultra 240mlTempo SC 240 ml. $4.00 off  per bottle. Through 5/29/15

 Tempo Utra WPTempo Ultra WP 420gm jar. $6.00 off. Through 5/29/15.
bedbugsplus[1]JT Eaton – Kills Bed Bugs Aerosol @ $35.00/case. While supplies last.

Call and ask about our 2015 Rewards Program.
Top-ten customers for the month receive a $20.00 certificate towards future purchases.
Congrats to our April winners!

Upcoming Training Programs

 “PMPs Gone Wild”
May 28

· “PCO Safety: Be Smart, Stay Safe”
June 30
Click here for more information on training

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