This Just in:

tandem insecticide

Tandem insecticide @ $98.00 per quart.

Broad-spectrum microencapsulate contains a combination of thiamethoxam (neonicotinoid) and lambda cyhalothrin (pyrethroid).

OK for food areas and for bed bugs. Not for outdoor use in New York state.

Clean-out rate of 1.1oz per gallon produces 29 finished gallons. 




Exciter @ $47.00 per pint. While supplies last.

Halo 45 Fly Machine

  Halo 45 Fly Machine @ $169.00. Buy 4, get 1 more free. Through 4/30/15

Euro Mouse Box

   Euro Mouse @ $25.00/box. Buy 4 boxes of 25, get 1 more box of 25 free. Through 4/30/15. 


Temprid RS @ $12.00 per can. While supplies last.

Suspend SC

Suspend SC 16oz. $3.00 off per bottle. Through 5/29/15

 Tempo SC Ultra 240ml

Tempo SC 240 ml. $4.00 off per bottle. Through 5/29/15

Tempo Utra WP

   Tempo Ultra WP 420gm jar. $6.00 off. Through 5/29/15.

Temprid SC (logo)

Temprid SC @ $75.00 per 400 ml container. While supplies last.


JT Eaton – Kills Bed Bugs Aerosol @ $35.00/case. While supplies last

 end zone

   Endzone 20-pack. $5.00 off per pack. Through 4/30/15.


   CB-80 17oz. Buy 1 case, get 4 cans free. Through 4/30/15.

 D Force

   D Force 14oz. Buy 1 case, get 4 cans free. Through 4/30/15.


Call and ask about our 2015 Rewards Program.

Top-ten customers for the month receive a $20.00 certificate towards future purchases.

Congrats to our March winners!

The Pest Management Career Training Course Starts April 18.

Click here for details.


The Advanced Fly Control Workshop is on April 30.

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