The Complete PMP Course: A boatload of credits for 7A, 7F and 8!

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Pest Control Industry News, Training
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certificationjThe Complete PMP Course: 14-Hour course presented in 2 sessions. Prepare for the 7A, 7F and category 8 exams.  Recertification credits for 7A, 7F and 8. Eligibility course for license upgrade. This is also a great preparatory course for the ACE exam.


DATES:    Session #1:  Tuesday, March 24, 2015              

Session #2:  Thursday, March 26, 2015


LOCATION:  The Career Training Center,1085 Saint Nicholas Ave., New York, NY 10032


TIME:             8:30 am to 5:30 pm



Session #1:  Core: 3.0, 7A: 3.0, 7F: 4.0, 8: 3.0              Session #2:  7A: 7.0, 7F: 5.0, 8: 6.0


COST:      Entire Course:   $240.00                    Individual Sessions:    $125.00 each                      


7A & 7F Manuals:   $49.00 each                                      8 Manual:            $45.00


Pre-registration is required. Space is limited. Payment is final.

Under no circumstances will registration be allowed at the door.


Note: If you arrive late or leave early for the training portion of this event, you will not receive a certificate.  Persons without photo ID may not sign the roster or be issued a course certificate.


Session Breakdown


Session 1

1.   IPM Principles

2.   Proper Practices in Food-Handling Establishments

3.   Notification Acts

4.   Formulations and Chemical Classes

5.   Insect Biology and Morphology

6.   Flies

7.   Occasional Invaders: Identification, biology, habits, control


Session 2

1.   Roaches: Identification, biology, habits, control

2.   Rodents: Identification, biology, habits, control

3.   Stored Product/Fabric Pests: Identification, biology, habits, control

4.   Stinging Insects: Identification, biology, habits, control

5.   Blood Feeders: Identification, biology, habits, control

6.   Ants: Identification, biology, habits, control

7.   Wildlife:   Identification, biology, habits, control

Contact us today to register for this course!

1085 Saint Nicholas Avenue, 

New York, NY 10032 

(212) 781-2304


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