Louis Sorkin BUg Off Pest Control Center New York Pest ExpoLou has been a featured speaker at the New York Pest Expo for the last 7 years. He ties Dr. Bill Robinson for the most presentations offered at the Expo. Lou, a Board Certified Entomologist, began his career at the American Museum of Natural History in 1978. He has been the treasurer for the New York Entomological Society for more than 25 years and is the founder of Entsult Associates, an entomology consulting firm.

In addition to being one of the nation’s leading figures in the study of bed bug behavior and biology, Lou has a special interest in the use of insects as food, a discipline called entomophagy. We were pleased to have Lou share some cricket-based cookies with the Expo attendees. Yum. If you are ever interested in preparing insect dishes for your next affair, reach out to Lou for some of his favorite recipes. He assures us that in addition to being quite tasty many insects offer some nutritional value.

In his lecture, Lou gave us a tour of some of the most common glueboards used for pest monitoring. Glueboards are a key tool for insect identification. Proper ID will then determine appropriate control strategies. Proper trap placement is critical. Lou also stressed the link between captured specimens and environmental factors conducive to their presence.

Lou then shared some of the odd specimens and invasive species that have been sent to him for identification from all over the country. We need to be aware that captures may be pests, non-pests or beneficials. It is our responsibility as Pest Management Professionals to identify specimens correctly and to only perform appropriate applications, if at all.

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