Dr. Bill Robinson, B&G Equipment: “Hit Them Where They Live – Pests and Their Harborages”  

Posted: January 13, 2015 in New York Pest Expo
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Dr. Bill RobinsonIt was great to have Dr. Bill Robinson present again at the New York Pest Expo. Pest harborages were the main focus of his talk. He shared with us how proper pest identification leads to locating the precise harborage site which in turn leads to effective control with a minimum use of chemicals.

Simply put, once a harborage site is located we can treat and kill the pest. A harborage is not just a “hiding place;” it’s a protective fortress where the pest can gain access to food and water. Harborage provides shelter and often offers an ideal location for breeding.

Insects will find harborage anywhere appropriate to their species’ special needs: decaying fruit, clogged drains, cracks, foul water, voids, excrement, etc. If you know the pest, you’ll know its preferred harborage site. Your search narrows and less time is wasted looking for pests in areas they would not venture.

We all know that pests need three things: food, water and shelter. A good strategy is to eliminate existing food, water and shelter and offer them a substitute to their needs. Baiting is a great way to provide them with what they think will be life-sustaining food. Monitoring/trapping offers them what they may feel is an alternative harborage site.

Dr. Bill recommends treating holes, voids and cracks before excluding them. This will help prevent migration to other areas within these points. Foaming and dusting are great pre-exclusion techniques.

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